Digital Print, 2018

Small-scale collection of digitally printed clothing, sold online.

Fritters, 2016–2019

Handmade jewellery range experimenting with colour, pattern and form. Sold online and in stores throughout New Zealand.


For the Life of Me, 2016

Final Honours project. Celebrating the rich lives of three senior citizens through a combination of story, motif and colour.

Digital Embroidery, 2016

An exploration of the colour and tactility of flowers found in Wellington Botanic Garden.

Natural Dye, 2016

Hand dyed silk using cabbage and avocado skins.

Screen Print, 2015

Hand dyed and screen printed merino and eva foam.



I am a visual artist and designer with a wide range of interdisciplinary skills. My practice explores colour, tactility and repeat pattern to provide a fresh and approachable response to both textile and fashion design.


Massey University
Bachelor of Design

Textile Design
First Class Honours
w/ Massey Scholar